Custom Apps for GPS & Data


Choose the app or apps that are right for your business. With the Nexedge NXDN system you now have access to email gateways, GPS services, lone worker, emergency notification, man down, SCADA I/Os control, and many other useful apps.

Who needs 2-way

  • Government /Public Safety
  •  Healthcare
  • Education
  •  Agriculture & Food Plants 
  •  Small Business
  •  Manufacturing

Why Digital Radio?

  • Longer Battery Life than Analog
  •  Better Coverage compared to analog
  • Lower Cost than Cellular
  • Rugged & Waterproof Models so Fewer Damages
  • Lower Airtime
  • Private & Group Call

REALIBLE Communications

When you need voice, data, and GPS location services, look no father than MetroLink Inc. We offer wide area access to Commercial Radio Networks, which offer much more than just voice. These rugged devices are designed to outlast the life of a celluar device, and are capable of many of the popular features such as texting, one to one or one to many PTT, and custom apps for GPS and much more..