Our Wireless networkS: LTR TRunking in uhf or vhf ​& Our New NEXEDGE Digital system

Features and Benefits to Using MetroLink:

Sign up and start talking You need communications where you do business. Systems provide roaming capability between radio sites to deliver wide area coverage for your multi-location or fleet-based business. In addition to services in Alabama, Florida, & Georgia, we can assist you in radio networks all over the country. Low cost to operate Subscribing to a Commercial System requires minimal infrastructure. A license or frequency search is not required. With minimal capital outlay, you pay just a small monthly usage fee per radio. Locate your fleet Locate and track your vehicles with GPS technology integrated into each  radio. Most Commercial Systems provide a choice of radio tracking options. Text messaging Send short messages between radios when it’s not necessary to interrupt workers for routine communication. Digital quality Nexedge radios utilize NXDN digital technology to provide clearer audio throughout the coverage area, integrated data applications and up to 40% longer battery life. True radio dispatch When you use two-way radios for your business you can contact your entire workgroup all-at-once with a single press of the push-to-talk button. No more cellular phone dialing required. The office can monitor job site activities. You can select and talk to a small work team or your entire fleet. You can also quickly determine who is closest and available to respond to a service call. Tough and durable Kenwood radios are built to the most demanding specs, including IP57 for water submersibility (portables) and U.S. Military 810 C, D, E and F. Intrinsically safe models are also available when purchased and equipped with an FM battery, for use where flammable gas, vapors or combustible dust may be present. Radios to meet your needs A complete system of portable radios, mobile radios, accessories, data applications, and services delivers a comprehensive communication solution for your business.

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private or group calling

One to One, One to Many

Use Reliable and proven voice, data, and gps tracking solutions

Unpredictable days?

Longer battery life than analog radio and cell phones.

Industry's best Audio

Digital offers a great noise filtering to operate in loud environments.

Worker Safety

2-way provides a much safer workforce with lone worker apps, man down, and emergency functions.

Wide Area Coverage

We have the ability to load your radios on systems in South AL & South GA; or you can built your own!